15 Items Every Survivalist Should Hoard

The things that you need during an emergency survival situation are not always what you expect. It is often the things that you haven’t thought about that you are in need of. Here are those things.

Here are the top 15 things that all preppers should have on hand – and maybe even hoard.

1. Toilet paper

2. Duct tape

3. Lighters

4. Batteries

5. Flashlights

6. Candles

7. Bleach

8. Plastic bags

9. Tarps

10. Socks

11. Salt

12. Heirloom seeds

13. Propane

14. Lantern, lamp wicks and lamp oil

15. Cordage

The great folks over at Survival Dispatch give more details on each item and why you need to start stashing these things!

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