19 Cool Holiday Gifts For Survivalists – 2021 Edition

As survivalists we are obsessed with finding the leanest, most realistic ways to become better prepared for any type of survival situation. That usually means we stay practical and avoid the shiny, addictive new gear that is aways coming onto the market.

But the holidays are a time to have fun and release your inner gear nerd. It’s a great excuse to buy a cool toy or stocking stuffer that the rational prepper in your life might not normally get for themselves. Or to give a fun gift to your non-survivalist friends as a way to secretly plant the seed in their mind

19 Top Holiday gifts for Survivalists – 2021 EDITION

Stocking Stuffers for Survivalist and Preppers

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

The ultimate resource for surviving in the wilderness.

Written by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft 101 gets you ready for your next backcountry trip with advice on making the most of your time outdoors.

Based on the 5Cs of Survivability–cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages–this valuable guide offers only the most important survival skills to help you craft resources from your surroundings and truly experience the beauty and thrill of the wilderness

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

At under $10, this is a functional stocking stuffer for any prepper or camping and hiking enthuiast. It is equipped with a fork/spoon combo and has a 2.5″ plastic serrated knife in the handle. The knife is accessed by pulling the spork in opposite directions from each extreme end.

Pepper Spray Keychain

This police strength keychain pepper spray features a hard case and our reinforced trigger twist lock to prevent accidental discharge.

Included in the packaging is SABRE’s Quick Release Key Ring which provides easy access to spray, whether attached to your purse, backpack or keys in a locked door.

Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Never get caught in the cold again with the Survial Spark Magnesium Fire Starter. This wind-resistant igniter is easy to use and consistently provides a hearty spark. Stay dry warm, and safe with this 3-in-1 emergency tool.

Equipped with a compact, integrated compass and an SOS whistle, our fire starter is designed for survival. Small but mighty, all preppers will appreciate this tool in their pocket for any emergency situation.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

This cool paracord bracelet for men, women and youth made of high-quality 550 lb paracord with a stainless steel bow shackle. Not only useful for survival and emergency situations – it looks great, too.

This paracord bracelet is 1.2” wide, extra beefy, trilobite braided. Paracord disassembled length approximately 13.1 ft (4 m). 

$50 or Less Gift Ideas

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

During any natural disaster or emergency event, locating safe drinking water is vital. The LifeStraw never expires, and its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for most emergency kits.

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will transform 4,000 Liters (1,000 Gallons) of contaminated water into clean and safe drinking water. That is more water than the average person drinks in a year!

At under $20 you can get one for every person in your family so you can be prepared when disaster strikes.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet

This is a compact survival hatchet that is worth its weight in lifesaving warmth and shelter. Especially when it weighs in at less than a liter of water, like the 1.4 pound. Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet designed by Gerber.

The worse the weather gets, the more you’ll appreciate this sturdy little hatchet’s ability to turn out stacks of firewood or help you improvise a quick shelter.

5-Way Powered Emergency Alert Radio

Specifically designed for emergency situations, the KA500 offers different methods to power itself. Those methods include AC/DC adapter (not included), three AA batteries (not included), the built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery which can be recharged from the AC adapter, by hand, by solar panel or by a PC, and the dynamo hand crank which not only can recharge the built-in battery but provides power even when no battery is installed.

Compared with any other solar-powered emergency radios, the KA500 has its unique 180-degree adjustable solar panel, which can maximize sunlight exposure to power up the radio or charge the internal Ni-MH batteries. On the back side of the solar panel, there is a super-bright 5-LED reading lamp. Standard accessories include earphones, user manual and bonus multiple adapter tips for charging select models of Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and LG phones.

Tactical Vest

This tactical vest has plenty of compartments to carry a lot of stuff. The best feature I like is the optional double magazine pouch. There are four adjustable rifle mag pouches and a universal cross draw holster.

There is also a large back loop system which is good for carrying additional gear and tools. Any prepper would love to have a good tactical vest so they can gear up properly quickly.

Survival Garden Vegetable Seeds

Growing ones own food will be invaluable after an SHTF situation.

One Survival Garden Pack contains enough vegetable seeds to plant over an acre of food and makes a perfect gift for any prepper or survivalist.

$100 or Less Gift Ideas

Mountain House Classic Meal Bucket

With 12 total meals, this bucket has enough food to feed a person for 3.5 days. Every pouch in every stack-able and portable Mountain House ‘Just In Case’ bucket assortments has a proven 30 year shelf life, so it is good to have on hand just in case of an emergency or for when you may need to feed a large audience. 

Gerber StrongArm 420 Fixed Blade Knife

A good quality knife is a must for any serious prepper. Gerber has been making survival knives for the US Military since 1968. The Strong-arm Fixed Blade carries on our legacy of tough-as-hell fixed blade knives for combat and survival applications. With a sheath that can be mounted in a variety of ways, this knife offers reliable use whether on-duty or off.

Featuring a fine edge, full tang 420HC blade with black ceramic coating, the Strong-arm was designed around the fundamentals of military survival training. Obtain a solid grip on the knife in all conditions with its diamond-texture rubberized handle. The striking pommel positioned at the base of the handle functions to break through hard surfaces for effective rescue operations, and ceramic coating on the blade offers subtle use through low visual profile, as well as preventing corrosion for long life of the blade.

$250 or Less Gift Ideas

LEATHERMAN – Tread Bracelet

Anytime, anywhere. The functionality of a Leatherman tool, with you everywhere.There are multiple tools in each 17-4 stainless steel bracelet link, making usable tools like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and box wrenches available at a moments notice.

Adjustable to accommodate any wrist size and fully customizable with the links you need most, the Leatherman Tread is as stylish as it is functional. The unmodified Tread measures 8.56 in length when closed and can be adjusted by 0.5 or 1″ increments to fit. Additional links can be purchased separately on Leatherman.com.

At less than $200 this is a great holiday gift!

5.11Tactical RUSH72 Pack

A heavy duty pack is a must for a bug out bag. The RUSH72 is engineered to be a full featured 72 hour bag that provides ample space for gear and accessories while remaining rugged and reliable enough for extended excursions or tactical deployments.

The dual-zippered front and main compartments with glove friendly molded grip pulls. admin organization pocket to store maps, pens and documents.

Full-Face Respirator Mask

When working or living in hazardous or contaminated environments, you have to rely on comprehensive respiratory and eye protection to keep you safe.

Whether in chemical, metal or automotive industries, ship building, maintenance, supplies or disposal: The Dräger X-plore 5500 full face mask is the right solution for environments where not only increased respiratory and eye protection is required but a clear vision is mandatory.

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