90% of People Won’t Survive 6 Months Without Power

Here’s the REAL reasons why 90% of the population wouldn’t survive 6 months without power.

If a solar event like that of 1859 happened today the power grid would be wiped out and people would be left to fend for themselves. An electromagnetic pulse caused naturally or by man would obliterate the power grid for months or even years.

Why 90% of People Won’t Survive 6 Months Without Power

Low/No Food Reserves

The average family in America only has about a week worth of food reserves available to them. Unfortunately, having a large store room of preserved food is seen as unusual and odd.

No Survival Knowledge Or Skills

We have become dependent on the conveniences of services all around us. So much so that we have not gained the knowledge to take care of ourselves in the event that those services are no longer available.

No Medical Supplies

Do you have a more than a first aid kit in your home? Do you know CPR or how to splint a splint a sprained wrist? Most of us answer no to these important questions.

No Communication

When the cell towers go down do you have any way to communicate with others?

No Self Defense

If you cant rely on the police anymore, can would be able to defend yourself?

No Water Reserves

How much bottled water do you have in your home? Most have less than two days worth of water reserves in their home.

The Canadian Prepper explains why 90% of People Won’t Survive 6 Months Without Power

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Prepare yourself so that you and your family will be part of the surviving few.

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